A strong, rejuvenating massage, with a relaxed vibe. The bed was top notch for comfort and I felt confident and at ease in Anoushka’s practice.

Aimee Fuller - 2X Winter Olympian


J’ai visité Chamonix Massage Therapy à plusieurs reprises. J’ai reçu des massages bien adaptés à mes besoins à chaque fois. Noushka est très professionnelle et talentueuse. Je recommande fortement.

Lucie Vaillancourt


I see Anoushka once a month for maintenance for a chronic back condition. I find that a monthly massage with her is the most effective pain relief I can find. She's very attentive, connected, and targeted in her work. I couldn't recommend her highly enough.

Tamsin Moore. Chamonix local


I asked Noushka for help when, after a winter of heliski guiding with a fairly heavy pack, not only were my neck and shoulders wrecked but I was experiencing constant tingling and numbness spells in my hands. It was very worrying. Noushka did a fantastic job.
I had allowed the problem to go on for quite some time before deciding I actually did need help, which I’m sure was not the ideal starting place for my rehab, but in fact it went well. I lost the tingling spells quite quickly and then I simply forgot about them (always a good sign). A problem that had been worrying and debilitating was cleared up by Noushka about two years ago now, and has never come back. I give a 100% recommendation to anyone to see Noushka but I think especially guides whose bodies are often quite battered and require a thoughtful, well researched and bespoke approach to iron out these chronic wear and tear problems.




From male partner of pregnancy massage client - review of partner session, teaching birth massage and relaxation techniques to birth partner for use during labour:

The handout was great - we’ve added it to the hospital notes - especially the page with the picture of the massage pattern direction, very useful. It was good to know there’s lower back pressure that can be applied in early labour to ease pain. A lot of hypnobirthing stuff is just stroking, and my wife felt the heavier massage was more relieving.

The instructional handout was very clear and simple to follow. I found it easy to find the pressure points too, once I had that to follow. Will be handy for when for when the time comes! Very informative and passing on good knowledge as usual. Thank you.


Pregnancy massage client:

The massage was very beneficial and relaxing, concentrating on deeper tissue and especially on my legs and hips where I’ve been having a few cramps. I don’t think I realized how much extra pressure my hips are under, so it felt very soothing having them massaged.

It was great having a lower leg and especially calf massage where I have tension, releasing those tight muscles and stretching out heaviness felt great.

I also felt incredibly relaxed, like I was floating on air!


I regularly see Noushka to sort out sports and work related niggles and strains. From calves, hips and glutes to a seized back and shoulder problems. She always takes time to assess each problem and asks the right questions to work out how to treat each situation based on previous treatments and her own knowledge.
Totally professional. It may take a few sessions- but I always leave feeling like things are heading in the right direction- and with exercises to be able to help myself in my own time. Highly recommend.

Rowan Leahy. Local snowboarder, mountain biker, builder.