Noushka Mulgrew

A keen sports woman myself I love skiing and snowboarding, yoga, hiking and surfing and just generally have a deep and insatiable love of the outdoors. Born in the UK, a mother of two girls, I have lived here in the Chamonix Valley with my husband and family since 2015. Before that, since the age of 18, I travelled and lived far and wide across the globe. I’ve had many of the jobs that come with traveling: chalet host, bar work, cleaning, even fruit picking. I’ve worked in an old persons nursing home, on a birdwatching boat, I qualified as a snowboard instructor in New Zealand and spent a few winters doing that there.  Aged 24 I took my first IRATA ticket qualification (International Rope Access Technician) and continued to work in this field for the next 7 years, gaining a Level 3 (supervisor level) ticket.

I firmly believe that my wide and varied life experience enables me to be a better therapist, who can more easily connect to people of all ages, from all walks of life.

However I wanted to start a family and rope access is not a career that is compatible with that, so I started to retrain to become a therapist.

My career in therapy – a time line.

First having qualified in with a year long, full time course in Holistic Therapies in 2006, (Swedish massage, reflexology & aromatherapy) I followed that immediately with another year long course in clinical sports massage to BTEC level 4.  Massage has continued to be the mainstay of my career in therapy.  Always keeping up with CPD (continuing professional development) I’ve taken courses in Fascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Neuromuscular Technique to name but a few. However I’ve continued to study and broaden my practice out of the pure massage field and have added many modalities into my practice.

Some of these include:

Certified mindfulness/ meditation teacher.

Trained in pregnancy/postnatal massage & reflexology. This is an area very close to my heart. I was lucky enough to have a wonderful team of friends, family, midwives and therapists to help me through my fairly difficult pregnancies and fairly easy births. I will be forever grateful, and I learned so much – it set me on a path to learning how I could help other women through this wonderful but potentialy very challenging stage in their lives.

I also offer “active birth classes” for both mothers & partners – to help improve birth outcomes and potentially have easier and more natural births.

Reiki practitioner – as I grew into my healing profession it became undeniable that there is an energetic element to all healing. Studying and practicing reiki has helped to open up and develop this aspect of my practice.

Intuitive somatic healing – Really this is bringing a lot of modalities together. It’s not limited to any one therapy but allows me to flow between all my skills to work with the client on what I feel with benefit them most, on that given day.

Facilitating women’s circles.  After completing training on holding women’s circles with a focus on mindfulness, conscious living and menstrual cycle awareness, I have been holding regular monthly sessions for women here in the valley in conjunction with my dear friend, Katy Mcinnes from Mountains & Valleys Retreats.