Sports Massage

I originally trained in sports massage in 2007 and can work with issues that have built up from a wide range of situations: from a lifestyle that involves lots of sitting at a desk or driving for example to chronic tightness and pain caused by sports or injury – allowing you to move more freely and live life more fully.

In my work I’m able to use many soft tissue techniques, depending on your issues, including myofascial and soft tissue release, neuromuscular techniques and trigger point therapy.

My treatment and advice (most treatments include aftercare in the terms of lifestyle advice, stretches or exercises) are always aimed to be achieved in a realistic time frame and in way that you can effectively fit into your schedule.

To book a massage, either in the comfort of your own accommodation or in my massage space please call, text or Whatsapp: +33 7 71 64 15 12

Local clients can contact me for reduced rate working from my clinic in Les Houches.