Pregnancy Massage

I qualified with the Wellmother Organisation in 2018: – the most established pregnancy massage course provider in the UK and I can work safely with you at any point in your pregnancy, including the first trimester.

One off/occasional treatments: I work with you to relax, relieve aches and to connect deeply with yourself and your baby. Treatments take place in my beautiful, soothing massage space, complete with plenty of bolsters, pillows and blankets for a truly comfortable and luxurious experience.

Throughout your pregnancy: for local women who are looking for a wider range of care, that runs along side your midwife’s care and advice, I have many skills surrounding the pure massage element such as:

Stretching and self-care during pregnancy

Active birth coaching (pre-birth)

Mindfulness to connect deeply to your body, your baby and your needs

Teaching partner massage for pregnancy and birth& birth prep for partners.

Client review: Overall experience with you has been so natural and relaxing, I’ve really enjoyed your knowledge and wisdom. And your dedication into making me feel comfortable and confident going into my second birth has been gratefully received.

The session with Paul (name changed for privacy) really helped, for men in general I imagine they really appreciate any preparation in a step by step form. It’s definitely informative to practice hands on. The most successful part was about the transition and how you showed him to grab me and ‘sort me out’ If I went into panic/epidural mode! You physically showing him really helped.

The massage was great too, he practiced whilst lathering me up with sun cream. I realised we forgot to do some gentle touch stuff, which is needed during some of the hypnobirthing readings, stroking or gentle massage of the hand or somewhere else required. Now that we’ve had that session with you thought, it feels much for natural to practice this on our own anyway.

Thank you again for everything! I’m going into this labour with such a positive and more informed mind that my little girl will be brought smoothly and beautifully into our world and I cannot wait!!!!